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Find yourself at the helm of an aerobatic plane and enjoy aerobatics performed by a professional pilot
Find yourself at the helm of an acrobatic plane and enjoy aerobatics performed by a professional pilot
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Exciting flight with aerobatics
Flight in plane "Slingsby T67 Firefly" for one person
Select your flight time. Price varies depending on the flights duration

What is included in the price:

- Pre-flight briefing,
- Flight with the performance of various aerobatics elements such as:
  • barrel
  • corkscrew
  • loop
  • combat turn
  • free fall
- Video of your flight from the cockpit;
- Certificate of the performed flight;


Flights for those under 18 years of age are allowed only in the presence of their parents

Date and time of the flight may be rescheduled due to bad weather conditions
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Aircraft "Slingsby T67 Firefly"
You will fly in a Slingsby T67 Firefly.

It is a two-seater aerobatic training aircraft designed and manufactured for aerobatics specifically

  • Occupancy: 2 people
  • Plane length: 7.55 m.
  • Wingspan: 10.7 m
  • Plane height: 2.36 m.
  • Empty aircraft weight: 794 kg.
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 1157 kg.
  • Cruising speed: 260 km/h.
  • Maximum flight speed: 360 km/h.
  • Maximum flight range: 750 km.
  • Maximum flight height: 5790 m.;
  • Aircraft engine type: piston;
Safety, attention to detail and clarity.

You will fly accompanied by an experienced pilot, an active pilot of the famous aerobatic team "Baltic Bees Jet Team".

Over 10,000 performances at various Air Shows around the world. Thousands of hours of flying, takeoffs and landings.

Airport "Jurmala"
Airport "Jurmala" is located 50 km from Riga. A 40 min drive from the center of Riga towards Tukums

It is the newest and most beautiful airport in Latvia, the second largest after Riga International Airport.

The length of the runway is 2.5 kilometers.

Very convenient infrastructure for airport visitors.

On the territory there is an aviation museum with many historical exhibits.

Also, the famous Latvian aerobatic team "Baltic Bees Jet Team" is based at the airport "Jurmala"

More about the aerobatic team -

More about the airport -
Frequently asked Questions
Are there any age restrictions to fly?
You can enjoy the flight with the aerobatic plane if you are at least 18 years old or 12 years old if accompanied by your parents!
What do I need to take with me?
You will need to provide a valid passport or ID card before your flight.
(Driver's license is not valid)
How can I prepare for the flight? Will I not get sick during the flight and aerobatics?
Wear comfortable clothes. We recommend not to eat before the flight. Do not fly if you are not feeling well. The pilot will take care of the rest. He will communicate with you during the entire flight and will make the flight exciting and as comfortable as possible specifically for you.
+371 28230385
[email protected]

Jurmala Airport
Smarde Parish, Tukums

Working hours:
Reservations Department:
Every day from 10:00 - 20:00

The flight will take place only after you receive the confirmation from our operator